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The Southerners R Network Meet Up

Okay, so for a change a little something else.. As things have started to quieten down ever so slightly (another 5 wedding to still blog for this year) and as its always lovely to meet new photographers and catch up with familiar faces, I went down to Bournemouth on Monday to meet a few more of the R Network’s members. It’s fantastic to meet up with such amazing photographers and share experiences. And of course, what better way to spend a rainy Monday!

As I was “studiously taking notes”, I don’t have any pictures to share as such (don’t think you’ll find the off camera test shots of bottles which I did with Ian much fun), so instead here’s me getting papped along the way by the amazing Lawsons: http://www.lawsonphotography.co.uk/Blog/2009/12/bournemouth-fun/ and Mr F: http://www.fazackarley.com/blog/2009/12/bournemouth-meet-up-both-wedding-portrait-photographers/

A big thank you to Emma and Ian from Big Bouquet for organising the cool venue, Carrie for being our chauffeur 🙂 and Christina for the company on the train. And of course a big thank you to everyone for their freely giving natures! What an amazing group Mr Randall has put together. Looking forward to catching up with everyone at SWPP and I may just gate crash the next Northerners’ gathering to meet more fab photogs! 🙂

Okay, back to work on my new website.. can’t wait to launch it soon!




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