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Seminar: Double Talk by Joe Buissink and Yervant

The MPA (Master Photographers Association) hosted Double Talk by two of my all time favourite photographers, Joe Buissink and Yervant at The Hilton, Croydon.

It was an amazing morning and Joe and Yervant was absolutely brilliant. I’ve *loved* Joe Buissink’s work for ages now so was really excited to be able to hear him in person. They both showed us some inspiring slideshows of their photography, and as is very differant and how they approach wedding photography discussed how they work.

Joe shared with us some exclusive images from some of the weddings which he has shot (he’s been a favorite wedding photographer among many celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey, Brendan Fraser, Kelsey Grammer, Hillary Swank & Chad Lowe, Christina Applegate, Jenny Garth & Peter Facinelli, Christina Aguilera and more..) as well as some from his latest project – still a ‘fresh of the plane’ shoot with Christina Aguilera and her production team on location from which they will produce exclusive GraphiStudio books for each of the team as a thank you and momento of their time with her. Some awesome work! Yervant showed us how he would post-produce them to a world class standard.

It was inspiring to see these two and how dedicated they are to teaching and sharing their experiences.

Click here for the MPA’s blurb and pictures from the day.




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