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James and Kyrani {Andaz Hotel, Liverpool Street, London Wedding Photography}: Reception

If you missed the previous post with James and Kyrani’s Andaz Hotel wedding ceremony photography, do go back to have a little peek – it’s full of lovely relaxed, informal wedding moments. Their wedding reception was held in the delightful Andaz Studio. I’m a little biased I know, but what is not to love about a room full of photographs right?

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Evening festivities continued in the original Grade 1 listed masonic temple (how amazing that it had hidden behind a wall for decades, only rediscovered during renovations!).

AndazHotelweddingphotography 80AndazHotelweddingphotography 81AndazHotelweddingphotography 82AndazHotelweddingphotography 83AndazHotelweddingphotography 88AndazHotelweddingphotography 86AndazHotelweddingphotography 87

AndazHotelweddingphotography 84 TempleAndazHotelweddingphotography 85 TempleAndazHotelweddingphotography 89AndazHotelweddingphotography 90AndazHotelweddingphotography 91AndazHotelweddingphotography 92AndazHotelweddingphotography 93AndazHotelweddingphotography 94

I was delighted to meet and work with the super friendly and helpful Sam and her team from the Andaz Hotel. Thank you for your assistance on the day. I’m thrilled to be listed on the Andaz Hotel’s preferred supplier list and look forward to working with the team again in the near future.

James and Kyrani, thank you for inviting me to photograph your wedding and meet your warm and kind families – wishing you much love and many happy adventures x

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