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Inspiration: WPJA – Latest Contest Results

I love shooting weddings. As my style is more a combination of fun contemporary, a little formal for the groups and lots of (hopefully emotional) reportage photography, I’m not a member of the wonderful WPJA (Wedding Photo Journalist Association) who’s members all shoot in a purely photojournalistic style.
However, I *LOVE* their website and will often draw inspiration from its members work. It’s incredible to think that much of what these skilled photographers do is in a purely documentatry, candid and unobtrusive way.
Brides Magazine and the WPJA holds a contest every three months in the following categories – Bride, Bridal Party, Culture/Customs, Ceremony, Getting Ready, Kids, Dancing and Departure. The latest contest results have just been released – have a look here for some truly inspirational photography (I love seeing the judges comments!)
Here’s a winner from one of my favourite categories:

Kara Purtell – 1st Place, Getting Ready

PHOTO CAPTION BY BRIDES MAGAZINE: “It ain’t easy being a bridesmaid, especially when you’re wearing a dress with a complicated corset. The girls form an assembly line to dutifully lace each other up. (That’s the bride, in veil and flip-flops, bringing up the rear.) Purtell catches the essence of preparation and teamwork leading up to the big moment.




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