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Engagement rings, Wedding Speeches and some..

I’ve had a bit of time today to catch up on my web reading and I found these very interesting articles that I thought I’d share with you. First off – if you’d like to see “some cool wedding rings, or if you need jewelry design inspiration, definitely check out http://www.rocktographers.com/ which is an entire blog dedicated to wedding ring awesomeness“. (Big thanks to the awesome Anne Ruthmann who always writes such great, fun blogs!)

Next up – a humorous and excellent article from the WPJA/Wedpix – How to starve your wedding photographer: A field guide, a gentle and of course non-offensive reminder to all brides and grooms. Please appreciate and do look after your wedding photographer and videographers on the day and ensure they’re catered for, they’re almost you’re shadow on the day so will have spent many hours with you by then, you don’t want them fainting on you! Personally I’ve found the best time to take a quick break away from the guests is when the bride and groom are having their dinner so you’re ready to be back in the action when they’ve completed their meal and continue with reportage photography of their guests without forks mid-air or full cheeks. Of course there are some gems out there where the suppliers are well taken care of – you know who you are, you’re my heros! But be warned, it definitely is a favourite of caterers to feed the suppliers last so you often find yourself gulping down in a hurry before the speeches, cake-cutting and first dance!

And last but not least another great article from the WPJA/Wedpix, this one had me gulping down tears..*maybe I’m just a bit of a softie* but I know how often I’m hiding my emotions behind my camera during the speeches! You can’t help but be affected by all the emotions that come out during the speeches.. an excellent little read of anticpating people”s reactions: Capturing Wedding Speeches.




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